Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement is the bedrock of media planning. Knowing who, how, where and what people are watching, listening and reading is imperative to understand what types of content works for who, and when. This is why audience measurement is as important as ever.

Fragmenting behaviours and multi-distribution platforms means trying to understand how consumers interact with your media is ever more complicated. Measured Media Consulting is here to help. With expert understanding of how to measure audiences, Measured Media Consulting can assist you with the best approaches in survey and questionnaire design as well as helping you embrace 1st or 3rd party data-sets.

Whether you’re a media owner, media agency or a joint industry measurement body, Measured Media Consulting can offer you first in class audience measurement consultancy.

Joint Industry Currencies

  • Consultation on first in class audience measurement techniques and standards
  • Design, write and produce contract specifications for tender
  • Assess and advise regarding received tender proposals
  • Audit and Evaluate audience measurement services
  • Map and lead on survey development from inception to market, including data file specifications and system integrations
  • Project advisory services

Media Owner & Media Agency

  • Advise and consult on current available audience measurement services in the marketplace (UK and international)
  • How do different media metrics compare and contrast (e.g. TV commercial impact vs VOD commercial impression)
  • Evaluate and advise on proprietary 1st Party data
    • Identify areas for development or how best to utilise for wider use
    • Develop and propose solutions for integrating 1st party data with other available data sets (such as those provided by JICs, ONS etc)
  • Questionnaire design and project consultancy for understanding your audiences outside of joint industry currencies

Research or Measurement Organisation

  • Assist in audience measurement product development and leverage
  • Write and produce audience measurement tender proposals
  • Auditing and evaluation of audience measurement services
  • Project planning and implementation support
  • Client report writing support
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