Measured Media Consulting is a specialised audience measurement consultancy offering clients first class advisory services on how best to measure and understand media audiences, as well as integrate these data within their own business.

In a world of competing 1st and 3rd party measurement services, understanding what each data mean and being able to evaluate that media is ever more important. With this in mind, Measured Media Consulting was born. We are here to help you and the wider industry evaluate and develop measurement services, as well as better understand their own proprietary or third party data.

Founded by Joe Lewis, an experienced practitioner in audience measurement and insight, with over 15 years direct experience and a passionate evangelist for transparent media measurement solutions.

Whether you’re a Joint Industry Currency looking for support in tendering new measurement services or you’re a media owner with 1st party data and looking to leverage and understand that data for your business, then Measured Media Consulting can offer you the support you need.

  • Writing measurement tender specifications or proposals
  • Assessment of Proposals
  • Development of Audience Measurement Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Service Level and contract specifications
  • Audience Insight and analysis
  • Media Landscape Consulting
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