Data Quality

The Measured Media Consulting Democratisation of Data

Data is everywhere it seems, we all have it. But just because you can, shouldn’t always mean you should.

At Measured Media Consulting we believe in the power of data to measure audiences but also understand it’s nuance and caveats, and it’s risks if used or interpreted in the incorrect manner.

Whether you’re starting to collect your own audience data or want to understand more about 3rd party data,  Measured Media Consulting will take you step by step in assessing what you have, and what it means for your business.

We advise all clients to start by asking themselves five simple questions.

  1. What data do you have?
  2. How was this data collected?
  3. In who’s interest was this data collected?
  4. How is this data accountable, validated or verified?
  5. What alternative data is available?

These five straight forward but critical questions should be the starting point when interpreting any dataset, and will allow you very easily to identify any areas for more interrogation, concern or indeed value to leverage further.  As more data underpins financial and media planning exchanges, being clear as to what these data are and how they are accountable has never been more important.

At Measured Media Consulting, we can help you to ask the right questions and interpret the answers in line with your business needs.